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James was a fantastic Facilitator. He interacted with us as a group and gave everyone a chance to talk and provide their view. And the quality of the specialist speakers was excellent. It has been the experience of a lifetime. I have made lots of memories, taken lots of photos of amazing venues ...everyone if they have the chance should do it.

Megan, Events

Delivery of the programme was wonderful. Siobhan's MasterClasses personally were fantastic, her passion for her line of work really reflected in all of her teachings. Siobhan was very engaging and rewarding in educational aspects. I have never travelled overseas before and everything I saw was a new experience for me-the programme was great for the sightseeing.

Brianna, Events

The site tours to different hotels were great and showed us how what we were learning applied in real life. My trainer was so knowledgable about hotel management and shared so much with the class. I loved studying in the Centre at ExCeL - there were so many hotels around us to learn from and their staff made us feel very welcome.

Hamid, Hospitality


Loved studying on site at ExCeL London, can see why it was an Olympic venue!

Jack, Sports

I really enjoyed everything my London Events Study Tour had to offer!

Susan, Events

The specialist speakers? LOVED them!!!!      I took so much away from this course.

Eden, Events


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