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Why choose face-to-face classes and experiential learning

While there is nothing wrong with a well-delivered online course, sometimes you just can't beat the learning you gain from the interactions in a face-to-face course. Especially if it includes site tours where you can see how the skills you are learning apply to live environments.

Here are just a few benefits you'll receive on our face-to-face courses:

  • Our training delivery methodologies offer a "student-centred" approach and we design courses that encourage active learning and interactions among wedding planning learners.

  • Face-to-face training provides supportive interaction with Facilitators, class colleagues & industry contacts. Face-to-face learning provision offers the opportunity to receive information, motivation, timely feedback & coaching.

  • Instructional activities provide the opportunity to collaborate with classmates by exchanging and building information together. Effective learning often comes through detailed discussions and debate regarding subject topics where you take in viewpoints you haven’t considered yet.

  • Site tours & guest speakers provide additional opportunities to see how your newly learnt skills apply in the real world, & to collaborate, connect with & learn from a range of industry experts.

  • Network while you learn, as face-to-face delivery offers real life human interaction with other people who share many of the same career and professional development goals.

  • Course Facilitators implement learning strategies to keep your class involved and engaged, because it retains the group's attention and encourages better learning results.

  • We know that every learner is different. Some are very independent and if they have a challenge to consider or address, they will prefer to solve it themselves. There are also many learners who prefer to be shown, or have something explained in a context they understand, or to communicate and collaborate with others.

  • Our training offers participants the opportunity to communicate effectively with their Facilitator, class colleagues, guest speakers or industry contacts.

  • Our courses are designed to offer adaptability - our delivery plans offer the option to be adapted to the learner’s needs, as Facilitators learn more about their participants’ learning and development goals and preferences throughout the course.​

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