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Why Invest in a Wedding Planning Summer School Course?

We understand that it's a big decision to invest both time and money into training to become a wedding and event planner. Especially if it is a major career move for you and you are unsure of what opportunities the industry has to offer. So we have put together a few useful links to resources and articles that may help you with your research.

Firstly, here's a few facts and figures

...Wedding Industry Facts and Economics

"Wedding website,, surveyed thousands of newlywed couples... to reveal an industry worth just over £10 billion. Planning an engagement through to the honeymoon, a wedding celebration here in the UK collectively costs a little over £36,000...from the couple and their guests" ('Hitched W.I.F.E.')

What does a Wedding Planner do and how much do they get paid?

The average UK wedding is said to cost in the region of £15,000 to £20,000. Many wedding planners charge fees of around 10-20% of the wedding budget so there is an opportunity to make a profitable career as a wedding planner.

And according ot the National Careers Servcie, typical activities you'll undertake are:

  • meeting couples to discuss their requirements and budget

  • coming up with creative ideas and themes

  • advising on wedding customs and etiquette

  • preparing proposals and quotations for the work

  • agreeing prices with suppliers like florists, photographers, caterers and venues

  • making sure costs stay within budget

  • being at the venue on the day of the wedding to make sure everything goes to plan

  • researching new products, services and suppliers

What were the trends in 2017?

The UK Wedding Statistics 2017 report ( covers everything from new social media trends to colours, themes and the average cost of a wedding.

According to the report:

  • the most popular theme was rustic/woodland

  • the most popular colour scheme was white, ivory or champagne

  • The most popular wedding entertainment was a DJ

  • 61% of couples said they married in UK civil ceremonies

What other kind of jobs could I do that involve the wedding industry?

The wedding industry offers many opportunities to be involved in the magic of making weddings happen. While your ultimate goal may be your own wedding planning business or consultancy, there are many other jobs that can get you started and help you gain experience.

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